Sermon: Our locum will be following the Australia lectionary

Bible Readings: Acts 16.16-34; Ps 97; Revelation 22.12-22; John 17.20-26

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Seventh Sunday of Easter [Sunday after Ascension]

29th of May, 2022 


God has raised Christ from the dead and seated him at his right hand in the heavenly places, far above all rule and authority and power and dominion, and above every name that is named. Ephesians 1.20–21 


Almighty God, 

your Son Jesus Christ ascended to the throne of heaven 

that he might rule over all things as Lord: 

keep the Church in the unity of the Spirit 

and in the bond of peace;

and bring all creation to worship at his feet, 

who is alive and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, 

one God, now and for ever. Amen. 


For the World 

We keep the war torn country of Ukraine in our hearts and minds. We pray for Afghanistan, and the famine they’re enduring. Please bring peace and stability once more to this region. We pray the most vulnerable people be safe.  

We pray for America, its teachers and its students as they suffer under the threat of school shootings. We pray for their safety, we pray Lord that you embolden their hearts so schools may remain a place of learning, not of fear. We pray for our enemies that terrorize these schools. We pray that they find the path to peace once more.   


For Australia 

We pray for the families made homeless by the rising living costs. We are harrowed by the common stories of working parents who can no longer afford to put a roof over their families heads. Please help us Lord to create safe, affordable places for the people displaced by ever rising prices. Please Lord, guide us so we may keep these families safe and warm as we head into winter. We pray for the wisdom in Australia, so we may use our blessed resources to provide for all, not a few. 


For the Community 

 We pray for the sick and burdened in our community. We pray for Elizabeth’s daughters string of health trials to end, and for her health to return with vigour. We pray for the continued strength in family members like Elizabeth, who carry the burden of all their family members when sickness strikes.  

We pray for our communities wise use of its land. We pray we’ll have houses for all. We pray we’ll have the industry for people to survive and thrive. Please guide us so we may continue to build the bones of a healthy community Lord.  

We also join the Warragul North Primary chaplain in praying: 

Thanks for continuing to bring the needs of Warragul North Primary before God in prayer. I love knowing that even though I may see needs which are beyond my capacity to solve, nothing is too difficult for God.

Please pray: 

  • for the handful of students whose highly disruptive behaviour is extremely difficult to manage. Praise God for the incredibly gracious and caring staff who work with them. Please pray God will sustain them with energy, patience and wisdom. Please pray these students will know love, stability and safety. May they see value in their learning and make wise choices to engage positively both academically and socially.   
  • for good health for students, staff and families. 
  • for a student in a precarious living situation who has been returned to a secure living arrangement. My guess is this is thanks to a number of people making tough choices for the benefit of this student. Please continue to pray for all involved, especially the student who will likely have mixed feelings about what has gone on. May this student be able to grow and thrive to make wise choices for herself as she approaches adulthood.