WAC Youth
Youth Ministry at Warragul Anglican Church is known as WAC Youth; there are a number of groups under this umbrella that meet regularly. 

Our two main groups are:

Cascade (years 6 -12)

Cascade is the name of our regular Friday night youth group. Cascade is open to any in years 6 - 12, and typically runs on most Friday nights during the term. If you're new and in years 6 - 8, this should be where you start!

Whirlpool (years 9 - 12)

Whirlpool is our group for those in years 9 -12. Whirlpool meets once a fortnight, with the location differing week to week. If you're new and in years 9 -12, you are welcome to attend Cascade, but we'd recommend you come to Whirlpool first!

Commitment to Child Safety

This safety of your child or young person while attending WAC ministries or programs is incredibly important to us. Before attending any program, a parental consent form is required for kids and youth to participate in these groups. Visit the groups page to find any consent forms that need to be filled out prior to the activities. 

Planned activities do change slightly depending on conditions at the time, such as lockdown or weather. Find out about any changes to the plans in the weekly e-news letter



To find out more information on what is coming up in youth ministry, or to request a copy of our Term 1 program, email Jack our Youth Minister at youth@warragulanglican.org.au, or give him a call at 0432 921 322.